New York

Faced with the closure of the crosstown L Train for repairs in 2019, NYC planners ran a competition Sunday for creative solutions to moving commuters during the shutdown. The Van Allen Institute took the prize, but the press can't stop talking about AECOM's "giant inflatable condom" solution.

The entrance staircase of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has always been a gathering place. Visitors will sit and wait on the front steps for their friends, or take a breather there after attempting to absorb the museum's massive collection. The steps, and the four-block-long fa├žade of the museum, were recently refreshed by famed landscape architecture firm OLIN and reopened last week.

A couple of weeks ago, artist Ryan McGuinness, as part of an official Department of Transportation art project, installed a series of signs on streetlight poles around Manhattan. The signs are shaped a bit like skateboards and are clearly influenced by instructional signage, but include fanciful and decorative imagery. To McGuinness' surprise (and no one else's) many of his art pieces were cut down and stolen within a few days of being installed.