Fill in the Gaps

Beautifying holes in urban walls is a growing trend in street art: Legos, Space Invaders, and now geodes. Artist Paige Smith has been filling in gaps in the landscape over the past year with geode-like agglomerations, like this one in downtown Los Angeles. She's started installing them wherever she travels, assembling geodes in Madrid, Bali, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.

Smith loves the fact that these works are hidden in plain view. "You might go hunting for treasures," she writes on her website, "But you generally happen upon them during your adventures or casual interaction with the environment. I enjoy the fact that many people will not notice these, but some astute people will; that these will not last forever and the elements will affect them as naturally as it might in nature." 

You can be a part of Smith's process by creating your own geode installations using her model - just email her at and express your interest.

2 years ago