Bright Mural Illuminates Dewey Square

Artist Shinique Smith recently finished an electrifying mural in Boston's Dewey Square.  The canvas is an enormous 70 by 76 ft wall, giving Smith's painting a real presence in the park. In an interview with WBUR in Boston, she said that the felt like the mural "...attunes to the space in which it sits, radiating energy outward to the rest of the city and its occupants."

Smith took the imagery for the mural from one of her previous paintings, "...because its circular composition and color palette and the geometry of the building felt as if they belonged together," according to the artist's statement. Whatever the source, the mural - though temporary - will undoubtedly change the feeling in this piece of the Rose Kennedy Greenway. The Greenway was built on the land created over Boston's infamous Big Dig, and by all reports has been corporate-feeling and unattractive from the get-go. Maybe this mural can help overcome the stigma.

2 years ago